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Virt bike apparel made from recycled materials

Re-Think, Re-Cycle, Re-Ride

The Men's Virt shorts and the Men's Virt shirt lend a new meaning to the interpretation of sustainability – both are primarily made from recycled polyester. In addition, this comfortable MTB duo is primarily focused on just one thing: offering cyclists the best possible functionality for downhill flow.

For anyone who uses their bike for transport, there’s no getting around the issue of performance fabrics – and these are usually made from synthetic fibers. Most manufacturers rely on primary fossil raw resources – not so at VAUDE. Of the polyester used in the Men’s Virt Shirt and Men’s Virt Shorts, 87 % is recycled. This value is groundbreaking and it proves the feasibility of producing functional and comfortable cycling apparel that is primarily made of sustainable materials. In order to optimize the functional properties and elasticity of the garment, 13 % elastane is required.

Loose fit

This technical, functional all-mountain duo, however, also has other special features. The Men's Virt shirt has a full-length front zip – a rarity for mountain bike apparel. The result is a jersey that can be perfectly combined with another functional shirt or a waterproof jacket for fast adaption to the day’s weather.

When designing the shirt and shorts, our product designers placed particular emphasis on a casual, relaxed fit that ideally meets the needs of the dynamic motion of freeriding and all-mountain biking. 

Excellent air circulation

In addition, small, strategically positioned perforations in the fabric provide improved air circulation and excellent heat management. Both shirts and shorts are made from highly breathable, moisture wicking and flexible fabrics for longterm comfortable riding, and will quickly make the Virt-Duo the first choice for exacting all-mountain riders and freeriders.

The Men’s Virt Shorts are robust and high-tech, and designed for technical biking. The front pockets and a generous leg pocket feature zip closures to prevent keys and other small items from getting lost on the trail. The Virt Shorts also feature cozy, supportive inner shorts with a Men’s Active Cycling chamois for a truly comfortable sitting – even on longer rides.

Environmentally-friendly manufacturing

Both the shirt and shorts are primarily made from recycled polyester and are manufactured in accordance with VAUDE's strict Green Shape criteria.  Recycled polyester reduces plastic waste and results in about 75 % less CO2 emissions compared to petroleum production while using about 50 % less energy.

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