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New Cyclist Series with a Dress, Leggings and T-shirt

Summer styles for biking

“In the summertime, when the weather is hot – You can stretch right up and touch the sky. When the weather is fine, you got VAUDE and their Cyclist series on your mind.” With the new cycling outfits from the Cyclist Series, VAUDE’s not only bringing back a catchy tune, they’re also presenting a light and breezy summer dress, a stylish shirt and comfortable leggings for everyday cyclists for the Summer Season 2020.

Comfortable cycling tights with removable chamois

Jane Fonda donned these skintight sports pants in the 80s and suddenly they were presentable thanks to her aerobic workout videos. Whether in classic black or leo patterns, winter weight or gauzy mesh – leggings have become an integral part of catwalks and sports studios around the world. The outdoor outfitter VAUDE is
also a fan of this comfortable, all-purpose legwear and has given it a new job description: fashion and comfort for biking.

Around the clock activity

Leave your house in the morning, meet up with friends, Italian ice cream in the afternoon, a bit of shopping around town and a night under the stars before you make it home again. Biking all day might mean a great workout and be good for the planet – but by the time you get home, you can really have some backside soreness. With the Women’s Cyclist 7/8 Tights, we’ve got this problem covered. A lightweight chamois provides extra comfort for your daily ride. But that's not all: The chamois can be easily removed to transform your sports outfit into a stylish pair of leggings. And when you pack your chamois safely into its dedicated tote, you’ll be ready to leave your bike behind and head off for an ice cream cone or a bit of shopping. A stylish print adds to the visual interest. If you still have time for a quick workout or yoga session in the park after you’re done shopping, you can leave the chamois in its bag until the ride home.

Mix and match – with the Cyclist dress and T-shirt

VAUDE recommends the new Women’s Cyclist Dress to complement its form-fitting leggings. The dress combines a loose-fitting, summery design with a pleasant functional fabric that lies softly against your skin, is breezy and comfortable and quickly transports moisture outward. GOTS-certified organic cotton ensures a luxurious feel. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) regulates ecological and socially responsible criteria – from the cultivation of the cotton to the finished product.

The dress also has reflective elements and is available in two fresh colors. The lighter is a rose-colored version and it also comes in a darker blue.

The Cyclist T-Shirt sets the bar high in terms of sustainability. The materials consist of 70 % GOTS certified organic cotton and 30 % recycled polyester – the perfect shirt for anyone who loves cycling, fashion, and the planet. Available in four colors with two different prints, it features a round neckline and short sleeves – the T-shirt is a great complement to the Cyclist Tights. It’s truly lightweight, breathable and quick-drying. So it can be worn for a wide variety of activities – whether in the city or for cycling. Oh, we forgot an important part of your outfit… Always wear a helmet!

Sustainable production methods

All three products are manufactured in Europe. They also carry the VAUDE Green Shape label, which stands for environmentally friendly, functional products made from sustainable materials.

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