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Meglis Eco 700 SYN Sleeping Bag

Champion of energy savings

VAUDE’s new sleeping bag, the Meglis Eco SYN 700, covers a whole range of innovations. Thanks to its ingenious spiral patterning, it is not only very economical in terms of fabric consumption, it is also exceptionally comfortable to sleep in and features highly efficient heat retention thanks to its special stretch construction. In addition, the bag’s fill consists of 30 % kapok, a plant-based down, and the shell and lining are made from 100 % recycled polyamide. No matter how you look at it, the Meglis exhibits genuine climate-protection virtues. The Meglis Eco 700 SYN was choosen Gold Winner at Outstanding Outdoor Awards at the fair OutDoor by ISPO 2019.

The fundamental idea behind the Meglis was to develop a sleeping bag with as few stitching lines and pattern pieces as possible. Fewer stitching lines mean fewer cold spots as well as slimmer, lighter weight seams. In the Meglis, the lengths of fabric are joined in a spiral pattern similar to a roll of paper towels. That means that the seams and weaving threads (warp and weft threads) are not perpendicular, but diagonal to the central axis of the body. The main zipper (with 2-way zip) also follows this diagonal course from the top left to the bottom right.

Obliquely quirky, with even more stretch

This angled pattern with elastic threads gives the Meglis a mechanical 4-way stretch that keeps you cocooned in the sleeping bag at all times. Because of the snug fit, the bag warms up fast and heat retention is very efficient. At the same time, your freedom of movement isn’t restricted which is especially important for side sleepers. The Meglis Eco 700 SYN fill is also remarkably innovative from an ecological point of view. It consists of a blend of 70 % PrimaLoft fiber (recycled polyester) and 30 % kapok, a high-loft plant fiber. The thermal collar was also completely redesigned, eliminating the need for drawcords, snaps, or the like, and it closes snugly without constricting. With a comfort temperature rating of 5 °C, the sleeping bag is suitable for moderate conditions from spring to autumn.

Warm synthetic fill bags with a twist

Of course, VAUDE didn’t reserve the ingenious idea of a spiral stretch construction for just one single model. In the Meglis family, in addition to the warm eco
brother "Eco 700 SYN", there are also sleeping bags with the high-performance synthetic fill, Sensofiber; these feature a classic side zip. With fills of 300, 700 and 1,100 grams, a range of 3-seasons applications for trekking and camping down to a temperature limit of -5 °C are covered. There’s also an XL version with a length of 205 cm in each model for taller sleepers.

Put your hands up – it’s the weekend!

As comfortable as the Meglis is, you just might not want to get out of your bag at all. And you wouldn’t have to, because VAUDE has given it two practical arm openings to keep you in contact with the outside world. So you could read a book, cook, eat or play cards while sitting in your bag in cooler temperatures. If you wanted to, you could even spend a whole weekend camping out in your sleeping bag (interrupted only by a few small bio-breaks maybe!) But you wouldn’t experience any of the wonders of outdoor living. And couch potatoes like that probably want to discover the world through their TV screens, hanging out on their sofas anyway – where, by the way, they can also use their Meglis.

Environmentally friendly materials for a healthy night’s sleep

Like all VAUDE sleeping bags – the entire Meglis series is manufactured in accordance with the strict Green Shape criteria. The outer shell and lining of the Meglis Eco 700 SYN are even made of 100 % recycled polyamide. The particularly soft and skin-friendly materials have been tested and meet the bluesign® standard. With the Meglis, you can slumber away with a clean conscience, secure in the knowledge that the materials were tested for harmful substances and manufacturing incorporates socially fair production methods.


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