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Innovative & Functional Biking Apparel: LesSeam circular-knit jerseys and tights

Comfortable performance for biking

In the autumn/winter season, VAUDE is expanding its range of products already presented in the 2019 Summer Collection and is increasingly focusing on seam-reduced knitting technology for performance-oriented cyclists. These products are manufactured using a circular-knit process and they not only offer outstanding wearing comfort, but also conserve resources and are eco-friendly thanks to extremely low waste and the use of recycled materials.

Mountain bikers and racing cyclists know the problem: seams that chafe, fabric that pinches – especially in the transitional seasons of autumn and spring when temperature regulation really becomes a challenge due to humidity, which can feel even more unpleasant at cool temperatures.

VAUDE’s Resca LesSeam Jersey and Tights for women and Matera LesSeam Jersey and Tights for men, as well as the SQlab LesSeam (Bib) Tights for all mountain bikers put an end to chafing seams and inadequate temperature regulation – they score with high wearing comfort. The Resca and Matera Jerseys and Tights are also windproof at the front, making them ideal for colder days on the road.

The circular-knit manufacturing process is very sustainable due to the extremely high efficiency of material usage. A high proportion of recycled polyamide is used for the robust yarn, combined with polyester and elastane for the necessary elasticity. The number of seams is reduced to a minimum – the result is smooth wearing that is noticeable from the first ride.

Reduced-seam jerseys for road biking

The Resca and Matera LesSeam Jerseys are our new first choice companions for transitional seasons. Thanks to a wind-repellent fabric at the front, the jersey is a pleasure to wear, even when biking in cooler temperatures.

Anatomic knit zones – we call it bodymapping – ensure that the jerseys have optimum heat regulation and ventilation in different body regions. Despite the innovative circular-knit production concept, the Resca and Matera LesSeam jerseys are still classic biking jerseys: Three spacious back pockets offer plenty of storage for everything you need on tour, the full-length front zip and the high stand-up collar provide a lot of flexibility for all kinds of situations.

With digital printing and stylish design elements, the Resca and Matera LesSeam Jerseys are also visually impressive.

Functional cycling tights with a perfect fit

The technical Resca LesSeam Tights for women and Matera LesSeam Tights for men take cycling legwear to a whole new level of sitting and wearing comfort! Here too, the circular-knit process reduces seams to the bare essentials, the comfortable fabric lies softly and snugly against your skin. This is especially noticeable during long rides in transitional seasons – there are no pressure points as with other cycling tights! The windproof material on the thigh blocks wind and drafts – an effect you’re sure to appreciate, especially at cooler temperatures (no wind chill effect).

With sophisticated design elements, the Resca and Matera outfits shine – especially in the combination of jersey and tights. The Matera LesSeam Tights are available for men in a bib version. The chamois developed by the SQLab® saddle experts predestines the trousers for long tours from autumn to spring.

Comfortable mountain biking tights for the cold season

With its new circular-knit technology, VAUDE also offers winter-suitable cycling clothing for year-round mountain bikers. The tights with an SQlab chamois, the men's SQlab LesSeam Bib Tights and the performance-oriented LesSeam combination all ensure an optimal fit and wearing comfort.

The seam-reduced mountain bike tights are produced using a circular-knit process, which conserves resources and minimizes waste. The different knitting zones of the tights adapt to the body like a second skin during active movement. Combined with a pair of thermal shorts, the SQlab LesSeam Tights retain your body’s warmth in windy weather. Understated design elements in the calf as well as integrated decorative reflective elements stylishly round out the looks of the SQlab LesSeam Tights and the SQlab LesSeam Bib Tights.

Sustainable manufacturing

The VAUDE Green Shape Label stands for environmentally friendly production in accordance with the strict bluesign® standard. Recycled polyacrylic made from plastic bottles was used in production. This not only reduces waste, but also conserves fossil resources. All products in the LesSeam Bike collection are manufactured in Europe using LesSeam's reduced-seam knit technology to conserve resources.

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