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Drive Trunk camping tents

Freedom under a canopy of stars

Maximum flexibility and comfortable travelling – that's what all campers want. Modern camping is all about being able to pitch your tent wherever you want it to be. The Drive Trunk tents, which are connected to the rear hatch of your car, meet these requirements precisely, giving flexible campers a mobile home away from home.

Car campers all know the feeling of arriving at a campsite at night with absolutely no desire to set up a complicated tent in the dark. In addition, the back of a minivan or station wagon offers the perfect space for camping. VAUDE has designed the Drive Trunk tent precisely with this in mind. It’s easily stretched over an open rear hatch and pegged down, offering a comfortable space with room to stand for getting dressed, cooking or for extra storage space.

"Home is where you park it" – my tiny house in the parking area

The best part: The Drive Trunk requires no poles at all, offering maximum flexibility for fans of "Mobile minimalism". It’s simply attached to the rear hatch of a mini van, station wagon or SUV. With an interior height of over two meters, even taller people can stand fully upright and the front entrance can also be converted into a shade sail. No matter whether you have the Drive Trunk as a supplement to your family tent, for independent overnight accommodation or as an emergency tent for just in case – it’s simply the perfect companion for people with an affinity for the outdoors who want to expand the space available in their vehicle and make optimum use of it. With a weight of 2.2 kg and the smallest pack size, there will always be room for it on your next spontaneous roadtrip.

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