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Ceplex Green: The world’s first recycled membrane made from post-consumer waste

Sustainable weather protection

Closing the loop. For the first time, a water and windproof polyester membrane made of post-consumer recycled materials, such as used PET bottles, is being applied in VAUDE clothing. The Ceplex Green membrane in the current version of the Miskanti Softshell Jacket has opened up a new chapter in sustainable weather protection.

We can learn a lot from nature. Nature is constantly repeating itself – and yet, it is also constantly reinventing itself. There is no residual waste in the eternal natural cycle of becoming and passing away. All biological substances decompose and are put together into something new. Can this principle also be applied to outdoor clothing?

"A completely closed cycle for raw materials is the long-term goal," says Antje von Dewitz, Managing Director of the outdoor specialist, VAUDE. Now, for the first time, the outdoor supplier has succeeded in developing a membrane with genuine recycled polyester material (post-consumer waste). With the latest membrane development, Ceplex Green, which will be presented at ISPO Munich 2019, the Tettnang-based company is once again taking a leap forward in green innovation.

The environmentally friendly Ceplex Green membrane is used in the latest version of the warm Miskanti Softshell Jacket II, an advanced technical jacket for hiking and extended expeditions into the great outdoors. The environmentally friendly Ceplex Green membrane consists of 50 % recycled materials, primarily from post-consumer PET bottles. A variety of windproof and breathable material zones are used for sophisticated temperature regulation. The stretchy polyester outer fabric, articulated sleeves and adjustable hood provide more comfort for high-action undertakings. Of course, the water-repellent Eco Finish impregnation used is 100 % PFC-free, as is the case with all VAUDE apparel.

Eco-logical! – a closed cycle concept for membranes

VAUDE's Head of Apparel, Aaron Bittner, explains: "Our development is an absolute world first, because for the first time we are closing the recycling loop. Until now, recycled membranes were made from pre-consumer residual materials – in reality, just a highly resource-efficient material utilization. Now, for the first time, Ceplex Green uses genuine post-consumer waste, actual PET plastic, primarily from used beverage bottles. These are melted down and processed into new granulate to create the starting material. Currently, we still have to add about 50 % primary materials to achieve the molecular structure of a functioning, waterproof and vapor-permeable membrane. Of course, we are also continuing to work on achieving 100 % recycled content. But environmental protection goes even further. There are absolutely no problematic fluorocarbon compounds in the production process, and the water-repellent impregnation of all our jackets is absolutely PFC-free".

The Miskanti Softshell Jacket II with its recycled membrane will be available from specialist retailers starting autumn 2019 (RRP 170 EUR); the men's models come in the colors phantom black, pacific and Baltic sea, for women they are available in phantom black, pacific or petroleum.

EcoFinish – an environmentally friendly water-repellent finish

Recycled materials are only a small part of VAUDE's comprehensive Green Shape product philosophy. The label stands for environmentally friendly, functional products made from sustainable materials and with socially responsible production attributes. Since the summer of 2018, all VAUDE apparel has been produced with Eco Finish, an environmentally friendly water-repellent finish without fluorocarbons (absolutely no harmful PFCs). In other product groups, such as backpacks, shoes and tents, only a small number of individual models are not yet PFC-free. As part of the Greenpeace Detox Commitment, VAUDE is committed to completely eliminating PFC-containing substances in all its products by 2020 at the latest.

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