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Stylish and functional: Daypacks and daypack backpacks for everyday life

A daypack holds everything you need for one day. These small to medium-sized backpacks are mainly used in everyday life and for leisure, but are also suitable for sports. Women’s daypacks and men’s daypacks must be sturdy and, above all, designed to be functional. VAUDE daypacks and daypack backpacks are also manufactured in an eco-friendly way.

Daypack or daypack backpack: what’s the difference?

Daypack and daypack backpack seem to mean the same thing: a backpack that holds the contents for one day. Nevertheless, a daypack is not always the same as a daypack backpack. What both types of backpack have in common is that they have a carrying capacity of between 9 and 30 litres. Smaller daypacks of around 9 to 15 litres are more suitable as urban, town and city backpacks while larger backpacks are suitable for shopping as well as for sports.

Daypacks: urban, city backpacks

Daypacks look particularly good when strolling around town or for everyday use. Contemporary backpacks with an urban look go very well with elegant office outfits as well as casual wear. Even the smallest daypacks have room for the essentials: a smartphone, wallet, keys, handkerchiefs, a small water bottle and all kinds of odds and ends can be safely stored inside. Modern materials give a city backpack that elegant touch. With their adjustable carrying system, some VAUDE daypacks can also be worn as shoppers.

VAUDE daypacks are also perfect for work, university and school. Special backpacks for the office are designed to fit standard laptops and A4 documents and can be securely stowed in a separate compartment. Separate compartments with pen holders, zips, removable organisers and a well-thought-out layout make these city backpacks incredibly versatile. A padded back and good ventilation ensure that it feels good to wear. VAUDE daypacks are equally suitable for men and women.

Daypack backpacks: sporty and functional

Daypack backpacks are usually larger backpacks with more volume of up to 30 litres. Daypacks backpacks tend to be sportier and also ideal for day hikes. As with the smaller daypacks, good ventilation and a high level of carrying comfort are important. Side mesh pockets mean a water bottle or energy bar is quickly at hand during sporting activities. Daypack backpacks are ideal for women and men. Reflective trims and a flashing light holder provide extra visibility when it starts to get dark. A reinforced base prevents the daypack backpack from tipping over, so it can stand on its own. You can find VAUDE daypack backpacks for hiking here: sporty hiking backpacks.

VAUDE eco-friendly backpacks

The demands on the material used for daypacks and also for daypack backpacks are high. These everyday companions don't just have to look smart; they also have to be hard-wearing and carry the contents of the backpack safely through everyday life. Natural material like hemp creates an urban look and is sustainable. Other daypacks from VAUDE are made from recycled PET bottles: a resource-saving, eco-friendly and at the same time hard-wearing material. Find out more about sustainable materials.

Our daypack backpacks and daypacks are treated with Eco Finish to protect the contents of the backpack from rain and also the environment. Eco Finish does not contain harmful fluorocarbons and helps to keep nature clean. Find out more about Eco Finish.

VAUDE daypacks and daypack backpacks carry the stringent Green Shape label. It stands for eco-friendly, functional products made from sustainable materials and fair manufacturing conditions.

Just as sustainable: take good care of your backpack so that you can enjoy it for a long time. Cleaning advice for backpacks can be found here.

Stylish and functional: Daypacks and daypack backpacks for everyday life A daypack holds everything you need for one day. These small to medium-sized backpacks are mainly used in everyday life... read more »
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