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VAUDE Outdoor Gear in Green Shape: Eco Alpine Lifestyle

On the path of sustainability

On the path of sustainability – with this motto, the mountain sports and cycling outfitter VAUDE, wishes to encourage athletes to take care of their environment. Those who wish to pursue a path of sustainability while enjoying the great outdoors can find many ways to reduce their ecological footprints while doing so. VAUDE provides gear with its own in-house Green Shape Label that does just this, proving just how sustainable functional apparel can be. Starting this Spring/Summer 2018 season, almost the entire VAUDE Apparel collection bears the Green Shape Label and the textile fabrics used for it are completely PFC-free, meaning that no harmful fluorocarbon compounds were used in the manufacturing.

Whether it is a hiking trip with the whole family, a cabin retreat in the Alps, or a trekking tour through Scandinavia – the call of the great outdoors can be heeded in more ways than one. Naturally, all outdoor enthusiasts should also make sure to take care of Mother Nature. This can already begin when planning the vacation – for example, you could take a bus, train, or even car pool to your destination, or choose overnight accommodations that meet sustainability standards. With many small, deliberate choices, you can ensure that your recreational behavior is sustainable and helps preserve the environment for generations to come. On the path of sustainability, the following maxims should be observed:

Leave nothing but footprints.
Take nothing but pictures.
Kill nothing but time.
Burn nothing but calories.

At VAUDE, Europe’s most sustainable outdoor outfitter, sustainability is the "common green thread" that runs through the company. Product developers here are constantly tackling the question of how to make functional clothing, shoes and backpacks environmentally sustainable. Since the topic is so complex and involves so many choices in terms of materials, manufacturing processes, energy consumption, chemical processes and, not least, social factors, VAUDE has developed its own in-house Green Shape Label, a comprehensive catalog of criteria that ensures that all functional products bearing the label have been manufactured as environmentally friendly as possible. VAUDE, as a member of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) with Leader status, ensures that all garment producers are regularly monitored by the independent organization ensuring that production is carried out under fair conditions.

Summer 2018 – Sustainable outdoor clothing for an eco-alpine lifestyle

In its Spring/Summer 2018 collection, VAUDE has succeeded in completely eliminating environmentally harmful fluorinated hydrocarbons (PFC) from all its textile fabrics used in the apparel collection. Thus, the southern German outfitter meets the voluntarily signed detox agreement with Greenpeace. With regard to the whole apparel collection, this means: 100% PFC-free membrane and water-repellent treatment! In addition, the new collection includes numerous alternative materials such as recycled polyester made from PET bottles, the wood fiber Tencel® or drirelease® wool. The bluesign® system is another important criterion for a Green Shape product. Similar to a purity law, it focuses on issues such as strict chemical management and energy efficiency.

Recycled material and drirelease® wool

To create its casual, comfortable Tekoa Pants and Shorts, VAUDE dug deep into its raw material bag of tricks and uses recycled polyamide with a light stretch. This ensures that pants and shorts offer enormous freedom of movement to go along with everything that is fun to do outdoors: bouldering, slacklining, canoeing, hiking, climbing, or just hanging around - the Tekoa is always up for a turn outdoors and is specially made for an eco-alpine lifestyle.

With its functional Hallet Shirt II, VAUDE directly addresses environmentally active people that like to think (and run) in cycles, and yet still move ahead. The quick-drying material contains 38% recycled polyester made from PET bottles. The used PET bottles are collected, cleaned, melted and processed to create new yarn, which is certified in accordance with the stringent bluesign® system environmental standard. Designed as a basic performance piece with flatlock seams, it is wonderfully soft and cool to the touch.

The Sveit Shirt (also available in a long sleeve version) is a comfortable, quick-drying performance shirt for mountaineering and made exclusively from drirelease® wool. The outstanding moisture management of this 88% polyester and 12% finest Merino wool blend is not based on conventional spray-on treatment, but directly integrated into the material. The combination of hydrophilic and hydrophobic fibers allows excellent moisture transport away from the skin. Merino wool is a renewable resource, which helps to conserve fossil resources.

Wood clothing: Wood you wear it?

In the casually cut shirts and tops of the stylishly feminine Skomer Line, VAUDE uses a mixture of polyester and Tencel® fiber, which is 100% manufactured from FSC-certified wood and therefore 100% biodegradable. Tencel® has moisture-regulating properties, is silky soft to the touch, and feels pleasantly cool on the skin. The fiber production from cellulose is extremely environmentally friendly thanks to a resource-conserving circulatory system. The summer shirts and dresses from the Urban Life Collection (Atena, Vallanta and Lozana models) are completely made from Tencel® fibers and promise sensuously soft wearing comfort for hot summer days in the city or at the beach.

PFC-free weather protection – Eco Finish for the love of nature

Real outdoor men and women can be found out and about, no matter what the weather may be. Perfect protection from Mother Nature’s whims – while conserving her resources – is what the Simony 2.5 L Jacket II promises. It combines freedom of movement and best comfort, with environmentally friendly innovation, and packs down small and light enough to fit comfortably in any backpack. This 2.5-layer jacket is equipped with a waterproof, windproof Ceplex Green membrane. The new environmentally friendly membrane is 100% PTFE-free and PFC-free. VAUDE also uses up to 25% recycled or biobased materials in its production. Even the water-repellent Eco Finish treatment of the outer shell is completely PFC-free.

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