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Sleeping bags: flexible, high performance synthetic fill sleeping bags

For more than just one night

With the Säntis and Gamplüt, VAUDE is launching two innovative and highly flexible synthetic fill bags for the Summer Season 2018. The Säntis offers unparalleled freedom of movement with high-stretch zones while the Gamplüt sets new standards in versatility. Thanks to eco-friendly production meeting the Green Shape standards, a healthy night’s sleep is guaranteed.

Säntis – versatile sleeping comfort

Maximal freedom of movement and optimal thermal regulation – these are the features that VAUDE focused on when designing the Säntis. Stretch seams were used in the knee area to give the bag 30% more flexibility. This makes the bag not only exceptionally comfortable for active sleepers, it also provides a form-fitting shape with less air that needs to be warmed up so you can fall asleep faster.

In addition, side arm openings make the Säntis a jack-of-all-trades in the backcountry or at the campground. You can comfortably cook in the sleeping bag, read, eat, or cozy up by the fire. For a big-wall bivy, the openings can also be for your tie-in point. The bag can be used for a broad range of activities – it will delight not only mountaineers, but also trekkers, campers or long-distance hikers.

VAUDE has used a very lightweight polyamide fabric with a water repellent finish, which can also effectively withstand a light sprinkling making the sleeping bag perfect for use in all weather conditions.

Three different versions: Säntis 1200, 900 and 450

The Säntis comes in three full versions that cover almost the entire temperature range – as a summer bag, for transitional seasons and as a winter sleeping bag. The Säntis 1200 has a temperature limit of -8°C, in extreme conditions you can even use the bag down to -27°C.

It has a lightweight fill, is fast drying and easy to maintain making the bag ready to use even under the most adverse conditions. In contrast to goose down, this fill insulates when wet – an advantage that you will really appreciate in longer periods of bad weather when you can’t fully dry out your gear.

Considering all the features of this bag, its weight is amazingly low. The Säntis 450 only weighs about one kg and it packs down incredibly small – at 20 cm x 30 cm, it can easily be stored in smaller backpacks.

Gamplüt – coat, blanket and sleeping bag in one

VAUDE has outdone itself in terms of flexibility for the Gamplüt. This synthetic fill mummy sleeping bag can be used as a coat, blanket or a “normal” sleeping bag.

Two arm openings make the Gamplüt a jack-of-all-trades wherever you end up camping. It can be worn while cooking, reading or sitting comfortably by the fire – it’s also perfect for early morning fishing expeditions.

If you open the foot box, the synthetic fill bag transforms into a coat with practical, cozy side hand warmer pockets. Completely open the zip and foot box and the Gamlüt turns into a blanket for two the ideal sleeping bag for campers, trekkers or outdoor fans who truly value flexibility.

Warm, low maintenance synthetic fill

VAUDE relies in fast drying 7D Sensofiber polyester fill in the Gamplüt for lightweight insulation that keeps on working even if it gets wet. In addition, this fill offers excellent heat regulation and warm and cozy sleeping comfort.

Like the Säntis, Gamplüt also comes in three different versions. The Gamplüt 250 only weighs 1,250 grams is perfect as a summer bag; the Gamplüt 800, with a temperature limit of -4 ° C, ensures warmth for colder autumn or early winter nights. And the Gamplüt 450 is the perfect choice for transitional seasons.

Green Shape – Eco-friendly manufacturing

As with all VAUDE sleeping bags, VAUDE uses Green Shape certified production for both the Säntis and the Gamplüt. so you an be sure it’s a completely eco-friendly and functional product made from sustainable materials.

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