Responsibility is what drives VAUDE CEO Antje von Dewitz and her entire team. We think entrepreneurship means keeping an eye on the impact on people and the environment when we act. That's why we launched Green Shape, our own sustainability label, in 2010. A lot has happened since then - the proportion of Green Shape products in our collection has risen steeply year after year, and the criteria for Green Shape, which were strict from the start, are continually being developed and tightened. This year we are aiming for external accreditation for Green Shape as an environmental standard. After more than 10 years now, we proudly look back on our Green Shape success story.

VAUDE established its own chemical management as part of quality management under the leadership of Bettina Roth. "The first thing was to systematically test which materials actually contained harmful substances," Bettina Roth recalls. Until then, this had not been common practice in the industry. It turned out that there were major differences in quality and levels of knowledge among VAUDE suppliers. It also quickly became clear: