Richie Schley & Mo Jungaberle - Two generations of mountain bikers

There is a 40-year age difference between international freeride legend Richie Schley and youngster Moritz Jungaberle from Ravensburg. But both are united by a pure passion for mountain biking.


In times of Instagram and Youtube, it's easy for the younger generation to be inspired by the wide range of mountain biking and the incredibly high level of the riders.

"I often get inspired on Instagram by riders like Kade Edwards and Jackson Goldstone. They both ride World Cups, but they also do rad tricks. And basically cover all disciplines of the sport." (Moritz Jungaberle)

The 13-year-old mountain biker Moritz Jungaberle. Photo: Lichtbildstelle


And in the pioneering days of mountain biking? Where did Richie Schley get the inspiration for his freeriding?

"When I started mountain biking, I got inspiration from skiing and BMXing - just playing around in the mountains with friends and having fun. Just trying out what's possible." (Richie Schley)

One of the pioneers of mountain biking - Richie Schley. Photo

"Going biking with young Mo was a cool experience. He took me to his local spot and I rode his lines after him. He has a great style on and off the bike. He's a nice, humble kid who rides very dynamically and looks good on his bike." (Richie Schley)

Mo and Richie at the Weingarten bike park. Image: Lichtbildstelle

"Nowadays kids can sometimes be very cocky, but not in Mo's case. I hope he finds his way to being a pro mountain biker and fulfills his dreams like I did. I'd ride with him any day." (Richie Schley)

Richie and Mo hit it off right away, talking shop about mountain biking. Photo

"Richie is an absolute legend! It only took a few minutes for Mo to understand who Richie is and what he has done for our mountain bike sport and lifestyle! Thank you Richie!!! (Alex Jungaberle, Mo's Dad)

Mo is also fast outside of bike parks. Picture: Lichtbildstelle

"To be honest, I didn't know Richie until my dad showed me some very old Youtube clips of New World Disorder with a very young Kurt Sorge! And he showed me clips of the "Schleyer" trail at Whistler bike park! Richie was very friendly and humble, and we had nice conversations. It was a great day!" (Mo Jungaberle)

Out together on Mo`s home trails. Picture: photo office