2019 was a decisive year for the VAUDE Marketing Internationalization, digitization and a female employee ratio of 50 %

2019 was a decisive year for the VAUDE Marketing Department which was restructured to create three new management positions with the goal of advancing the company’s digitization and internationalization. The new system established a female management ratio of 50 % in the marketing department, surpassing VAUDE’s company-wide ratio of 43 %.

Three managers will now be supporting the department heads Manfred Meindl and Ralf Geiger as well as the CEO, Antje von Dewitz in the implementation of VAUDE’s marketing goals. “With the help of this new structure, we want to master the evolving requirements of the market and our consumers with regard to digitalization and internationalization,” explained Antje von Dewitz. The strategy that Manfred Meindl (Head of International Marketing) and Ralf Geiger (Head of Content Marketing) are pursuing relies heavily on the three pillars of Digital, PR and Events.

Marketing Team under new leadership

Under the direction of Sonja Rupp, five employees will nowbe responsible for VAUDE's digital appearance andservices. The 32-year-old team manager will initially tackle issues such as omnichanneland marketing automation with her working group.

A new team includes representation from the Social Media and Press and Public Relations Departments. Matthias Unflat has taken over the team management. “We would like to continue the optimization of VAUDE’s successful theme setting internationally with country-specific strategies. To this end, we are establishing a structure that enables holistic and international communication,” said Unflat.

As the new manager of the Sponsoring and Events Team, Tina Jauch and her crew are responsible for all events – from flagship trade fairs to specialist trade (point of sale) as well as for VAUDE’s far-reaching Sponsoring Department. “We can reach a substantial target group using events and sponsored athletes to increase international awareness for the brand,” said the 36-year-old.

Successful corporate culture: more women in leadership positions  

VAUDE is committed to a culture of equal opportunity in order to attract and strengthen women for management positions. This is also noticeable in the restructuring of the marketing department. The management level is expanding from one woman and two men to three women and three men – a balanced distribution of the sexes in management positions.

“In order to reflect society in the decision makers of a company, we need more women in positions of responsibility. Great results cannot be achieved if only those managers with the same background, gender, age and convictions are making the decisions,” said VAUDE CEO Antje von Dewitz.

With flexible working hours, home office options, sports activities during the lunch break, an organic canteen and training in self-efficacy and communication, VAUDE employees are supported and women are helped to take steps toward greater responsibility. “We have achieved a great deal and are pleased about the successful development,” said Antje von Dewitz.