How can I mend a tear on my rain jacket and rain pants?

Outdoor apparel has to stand up to tough conditions on ski tours, hiking trips or bike trips. Sharp rocks when you’re out climbing, sharp ski edges or an unexpected thorny rose bush on the trail can damage the material of your jacket or pants. Luckily, there are different kinds of self-adhesive patches that are easy to apply to make  your garment fully functional again.

Tools needed:

Scissors and matching self-adhesive patch. We recommend “Flick & Fertig” patches from Kleiber.

Difficulty: easy

Time needed: 5 minutes

Clean and dry the surface area to be patched, remove the patch from its backing and place it over the tear. The tear should be fully covered.

Note: Ideally, you should round the corners of the patch to prevent it from peeling up at the corners.