ReCycle Pro Single: Made in Germany – Bike Bag Made from Packaging Waste

• The first VAUDE bike bag made entirely from recycled primary materials
• Including a back panel made from German household packaging waste
• Major step towards a circular economy
• Perfect for everyday use
• Available for purchase from October 2021

Even a recycled back is sure to delight

With the ReCycle Pro Single bike bag, VAUDE is ushering in a new era: This bike bag is made entirely from recycled primary materials. The plastic back panel made from German packaging waste is a true innovation on the market.  

Climate protection has become an integral topic in our everyday lives – be it waste avoidance and recycling or relating to production sites and innovative production methods.  

VAUDE is therefore setting new standards when it comes to bike bags and opening doors to a sustainable and innovative product future with the new ReCycle Pro Single. There has never been so much recycled material in a bike bag: "The fabric used for our bike bags is now made from 100% recycled materials. The greatest innovation is that we can now also produce a back panel system from recycled materials," emphasizes Clément Affholder, Project Manager for Innovations at VAUDE. 

Future-oriented bike bag made from recycled waste 

Wishing to bring on board state-of-the-art know-how and extensive expertise in the circular economy field, VAUDE got together with Interseroh, a leading environmental services provider in the area of closing product, material and logistics circles, and APK, an innovative recycling technology company founded in 2008.  

Interseroh takes post-consumer waste that is thrown away in the yellow containers or yellow bags that Germany provides for recyclable waste and creates recycled plastic – which is used to produce the back panel of the bag. APK creates ultra-pure recyclates from the waste materials produced when manufacturing PA/PE multilayer films for packaging. These materials are used for the fastening hooks for the ReCycle Pro Single.

VAUDE’s ambitious climate goals 

The bike bags are a first major step towards VAUDE’s climate objectives: "We are striving for climate neutrality and would like to produce our products predominantly from organic-based or recycled materials by 2024," says VAUDE CEO Antje von Dewitz. This is aligned to the principle of the circular economy: The use of renewable raw materials and recycled materials conserves fossil resources and significantly reduces CO2 emissions in material production. 

With all its sustainability, the bike bag also brings everything that cyclists love

With the ReCycle Pro Single, VAUDE has created a waterproof, robust and environmentally friendly bike bag for day-to-day use that includes the full five-year warranty. A clearly arranged main compartment with a folding cover, two zipped compartments and a removable shoulder strap are also features. The bag offers 18.5 liters of volume – plenty of space to store small purchases and office materials.  

Thanks to VAUDE’s Eco Finish technology, the ReCycle Pro Single is PFC- and PVC-free and made with climate-neutral manufacturing in Germany.

  1. ReCycle Pro Single - Bike bag
    ReCycle Pro Single - Bike bag
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