How do I repair a two-way zipper with an incorrectly toothed spiral?

A two-way zip (two sliders for opening the zip from either the top or the bottom) can sometimes create a split zip where the teeth no longer align with each other.

Important: In some cases you can avoid this. Open the lower zipper up to your stomach when you are sitting down, cycling or driving. This will reduce the tension on the zipper.

If the zipper breaks anyway, we will show you how to repair it with these brief instructions.

Tools needed:

Seam ripper

Difficulty: Easy

Time needed: 10 minutes

Ein NahtauftrennerEin Nahtauftrenner

Open the zipper

Carefully open the zip using the seam ripper.

Das Endteil eines Reißverschlusses wird in das Schiffchen eingefädeltDas Endteil eines Reißverschlusses wird in das Schiffchen eingefädelt

Thread zipper

Guide the slider back onto the end of the zip.

Information: Pull the lower slider up a bit so that there’s an “opening” between the two sliders.

Das Endteil ist im Reißverschlussschiffchen eingefädelt.Das Endteil ist im Reißverschlussschiffchen eingefädelt.

Close zipper

With a small jerk, pull the upper zip slider downward.