Weiler M Shoulder bag for a modern, mobile lifestyle.
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Luggage & Bags of VAUDE

As a family run business with a passion for the outdoors, Vaude understands the importance of the journey, whether you are striving to reach the summit or practising your skills on the mountain slopes. We want all of our customers to be well equipped on their travels and for this reason we are committed to producing outdoor products that promise to be hardwearing, comfortable and practical. Vaude has been pioneering the technical design of outdoor clothing, accessories and bags since 1974 and continues to search for new advances that will ensure our products provide the best results in all weather conditions. Our clothing and accessories are specifically designed to work with the natural environment and in order to work in harmony with nature we are committed to maintaining and developing an eco friendly approach to our production process. We ensure that all our products meet strict standards in terms of their quality and their impact on the environment, which means that we are one of the most environmentally friendly companies in Europe. We are inspired by nature and driven by our customers' passion for the outdoor life, to produce the very best products for people and our planet.

Practical luggage designed to stand the test of time

If you love to live your life on the move, Vaude products are engineered to get you off to a good start. Our collection of luggage and bags is the perfect blend of style and practicality, offering a fantastic choice of accessories that have been especially designed for the rigours of the natural environment. We have createdluggage, bags and suitcases of all sizes to suit your journey and provide you with easy and convenient places to store all of your essentials when you are away from home. Whether you need a suitcase for your next trip abroad, a wash bag for carrying your toiletries or a travel bag for a short flight, we have plenty of stylish options to choose from.

We have designed luggage to suit every type of journey, providing you with a virtual wardrobe on wheels to make life convenient on the road. Our trolleys are perfect for heavy loads and have reinforced bottoms to maintain their integrity, keeping your contents safe and secure while in transit. If you prefer a less bulky travel bag, then our day packs,bike bags and shoulder bags are a fantastic choice for short journeys or outdoor sports. Our travel bags and backpacks offer the convenience of a compact storage space that has been produced from sturdy materials for long journeys. All of our bag designs feature handy compartments, mesh pockets and waterproof fabric to keep your contents safe, secure and dry. Whether you need a lightweight backpack for a mountain trek or a versatile travel bag for your next holiday, Vaude luggage is the perfect companion for the journey ahead.