Functional fabric Polartec

The functional fabric experts

Polartec has more experience in the production of functional fabrics than any other manufacturer. The company, still called Malden Mills at the time, invented fleece fabric with the production and launch of the first polar fleece fabric in 1979. Since then, the company has continuously specialised and developed its products further. Due to the special properties of these highly functional fabrics, Polartec is used to manufacture sports and outdoor clothing. Polartec LLC is the world’s leading functional fabric manufacturer and stocks a range of over 400 high-tech fabrics.

How Polartec works

Functional clothing has several unique characteristics. Despite being lightweight, is has excellent thermal properties. It is breathable and therefore particularly suitable for athletes, as it redirects perspiration from the skin so the body is kept dry and warm. The fabrics give off moisture, so the clothing itself dries quickly and completely. The fabric is also soft and elastic, which makes functional clothing extremely comfortable to wear. It doesn’t chafe and gives athletes freedom to move. The surfaces are abrasion resistant as well as dirt repellent. The fabric is therefore automatically easy to clean and also durable. Outdoor sports fans therefore rely on their fleece or softshell jacket to keep their muscles warm and flexible and to stay dry.

Why we use Polartec fabrics

Using high-tech Polartec functional fabrics allows us to manufacture highly specialised functional clothing. Polartec Powerstretch and Polartec Powerstretch Pro are some of the most versatile fabrics and are simply perfect for outdoor and fitness clothing. They are especially breathable and bi-elastic. Using a patented process, the fabric is manufactured with two functional surfaces. On the outside, it has a windproof nylon layer which is robust and abrasion resistant. The inner layer consists of soft polyester, which keeps the wearer warm and dry. Powerstretch and Powerstretch feel very comfortable on bare skin.

Polartec Thermal Pro is made from polyester yarn and is extremely stress resistant. Thermal Pro fabrics increase their heat retention properties by storing air. Thermal Pro jackets keep you warm yet weigh only little. Polartec Alpha is extremely hard-wearing and the most recently launched thermal fabric. Clothing made from these fabrics looks like a thin down jacket. However, unlike one of these, it is suitable for a wide range of activities. In contrast to comparable “vapour-proof” fabrics, Alpha is breathable. The structure of the inner layer ensures that sweat is directed away from the skin and that the body stays dry. Alpha is extremely warm yet still lets the air get to your body. The fabrics are manufactured from varying materials. A range of these is available for both the outer as well as for the inner layer, which can be combined in different ways depending on what is required of the fabric.