Men's Minaki Shorts II Perfect mix for mountain bikers.
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VAUDE pants and shorts – reliable companions for any kind of adventure

Are you at your happiest on skis or addicted to the fast sport of mountain biking? Do you savour the thrills of mountaineering or the peace and quiet of hiking? It doesn't matter which kind of outdoor activity is your favourite, you should always ensure that you wear high quality and functional clothing when you pursue it. Especially your legwear needs to be able to withstand the challenges of the great outdoors. It has to be more than comfortable; it has to be robust in order to offer reliable protection against the wind, the cold and any rain.

If you are looking for a companion exactly like that, a waterproof piece of clothing that never lets you down in any situation and makes every adventure twice as nice, you should have a look at our VAUDE legwear. Whether trekking pants, ski pants, climbing pants or shorts, VAUDE is bound to have a product that really convinces you.

Into the wild with VAUDE trekking pants

Trekking pants are without a doubt a true outdoor clothing all-rounder. They meet all requirements in terms of clothing functionality and can handle almost all of the challenges posed by a hiking or a trekking tour. In the VAUDE online shop, you will find legwear that offers reliable protection in all weathers thanks to the outstanding properties of the fabric it is made of. A lot of our outdoor legwear features a waterproof layer that offers excellent protection when its raining, in extremely humid conditions or when it snows. This layer also ensures that the pants dry extra-quick. Especially on longer excursions, you will certainly fully appreciate these properties as on these occasions, being able to put your trust into your clothing without worrying is extremely important. Another layer ensures breathability as soon as the temperature rises and in direct sunshine. As it reliably guides moisture away from your body, it stays dry even during the most exciting moments of your adventure when you can't help breaking out into a sweat! The additional UV protection is a welcome bonus, especially in the mountains or in flat terrain without shade.

However, VAUDE pants and shorts not only have excellent functional properties thanks to the fabrics used to make them; they also score well when it comes to comfort and practicality. Due to the lightweight, thin fabrics they are made of, there's always room for them in your luggage and their are always extremely comfortable to wear. Useful extra features such as, for example, zip off legs complete the overall perfection of VAUDE trekking pants.

Cycling shorts, ski pants etc. – special legwear for special outdoor activities.

Besides our all-rounder, the VAUDE trekking pants, we also offer special legwear designed exclusively with the environmental conditions and movement sequences of certain outdoor activities in mind, for example skiing or cycling. Clothing has to be able to withstand extreme weather conditions, especially clothing suitable for alpine sports. However, a pair of VAUDE ski pants is the perfect waterproof companion even in the worst of weather that also offers reliable protection from the wind and the cold. And besides that, our pants also look good – whether plain black or featuring exciting bright colours such as yellow or green.

Have a look at the wide range of pants and shorts on offer in the VAUDE online shop and convince yourself of their outstanding quality by ordering a pair today. Get ready for your next adventure!