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The right jacket for your next adventure

If you are wearing the right jacket, any outdoor trip becomes an unforgettable experience. Outdoor jackets are different to ordinary everyday jackets because they have been designed with a different purpose in mind. However, the times when they only had to be functional, rather than fashionable as well, are long since over: nevertheless, however trendy they may now look, functionality is still key. Because outdoor jackets should not only look good and fit well, they should also offer protection against the wind and the rain. VAUDE functional jackets feature various characteristic details such as, for example, a hood or tight-fitting cuffs with thumbholes. We stock a wide range of men’s and women’s jackets.

Outdoor jackets for any terrain

To fulfil their purpose, they are often wind and waterproof, offer protection against too much exposure to harmful UV rays as well as against the cold, are extremely durable and sometimes also equipped with reflectors. Outdoor jackets are therefore not only functional, they also keep you safe. However, the choice of jackets especially designed for outdoor activities is huge. In our shop, we stock men’s as well as women’s jackets. We also stock a selection of kid’s jackets for the youngest outdoor fans. At the same time, the conditions the jacket will be worn in are always an important aspect. Buyers and outdoor activity fans therefore have to ask themselves the question of what they intend to wear the jacket for before they start their search for exactly the right one. Because this activity usually also determines the characteristics the jacket should have. Where and how do you want to wear it?

As our product range shows, there are outdoor jackets for mountaineers, outdoor fans and outdoor fan families, for cyclists and for all those who do sports in an urban environment. However, this also means that no two outdoor jackets are alike. Although they will always be of outstanding quality, there are differences in terms of the functions they fulfil and the properties of the material they are made of. Our windproof and three-in-one jackets offer the best protection against inclement weather and are ideal for hiking tours or when camping. We have the right jacket for any activity. Softshell and fleece jackets are the all-rounders in the outdoor jacket segment. They combine different characteristics, are as flexible as they are durable and weatherproof, and are therefore a must for any mountaineer. A fleece jacket worn underneath a waterproof jacket can provide the necessary additional warmth. A softshell jacket is a true all-rounder. Thanks to its many different functional properties such as being windproof and water repellent, no outdoor fan should be without a softshell jacket.

VAUDE: always the right jacket, whatever your needs

We sell a very wide range of outdoor jackets, each in various sizes, for men, women and children. Because we stock such an extensive range, everyone is bound to find the jacket that is right for them and right for their sport. A functional jacket reflects the needs of mountaineers and does not restrict movement. All you need to know is what you want your outdoor jacket for. And if you are still unsure, why not pop into a Vaude Store near you to have a look at our jackets, or get in contact with our customer services department.