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VAUDE outdoor accessories

The term accessories frequently covers such things as fashionable earrings, watches or handbags. Not at VAUDE. Here, the terms basically means everything men, women and kids need for the perfect outdoor adventure. Although we certainly don’t neglect the visual element when it comes to outdoor accessories, functionality is obviously the main focus. Our accessories have to be practical in order to offer you reliable protection against all challenges you may potentially encounter. For that reason, we really focus on high quality materials and outstanding workmanship.

So if you are looking for the last finishing touches to perfect your equipment, VAUDE has just what you need. Our range of outdoor accessories not only includes practical companions that protect you against the wind, the rain and the cold but also products that make the outdoor life infinitely more comfortable.

Must-have accessory: the correct headwear

Inevitably, all adventurers are exposed to regularly changing weather conditions. Especially in mountainous regions, the weather can sometimes turn in seconds. You therefore need accessories that are quickly to hand if needed yet don’t increase your luggage more than necessary. VAUDE sells precisely these kind of outdoor accessories. Here, you can get all the equipment you need for all weather conditions.

Of course, there is probably nothing more enjoyable than having the sun shine down onto you as you hike, cycle or ski. However, much as you may enjoy the sunshine, you should also be careful. Especially on longer tours and when it’s very sunny, reliable protection is called for. In this kind of situation, VAUDE won’t let you down because our fashionable and functional hats and caps offer adequate protection against dangerous UV rays so you can concentrate fully on your adventure. However, our accessories range not only includes headwear that protects you against the sun, but also against the cold. Our warm hats are made of fleece, wool or stretch fabrics will keep you warm and are also very comfortable to wear.

Useful outdoor accessories to meet all your requirements

Of course the VAUDE outdoor accessory product range includes other practical items beyond useful headwear. Besides scarves, socks, belts and overshoes, our gloves are especially popular. Like the headwear, there are also considerable differences between some of these when it comes to properties and purpose.

Whether climbing, hiking or skiing, VAUDE has the right kind of gloves for all of these activities. In contrast to other accessories, gloves frequently have a very active role to play, particularly when climbing. A good glove should therefore not restrict your finger movements yet also provide a high level of protection. VAUDE gloves do both of these and are one of the most popular items in our accessories range, not least due to their outstanding functionality and the excellent material quality.

Regardless of what you need to be perfectly equipped for your next outdoor adventure, you can be certain that VAUDE is sure to stock the right accessory that will reliably accompany you to protect you from potential dangers in the best possible way.