Primaloft functional fabric

A synthetic thermal fabric is the best choice for all those who want to be active outdoors in cold, wet weather conditions. Developed in the early 1980s by the US military as artificial down and now sold under the name of Primaloft, outdoor clothing now wouldn’t be the same without this material. The innovative thermal fabric is made from super-fine fibres that store body warmth in the best-possible way. If you compare a cotton fabric to a silk fabric, silk feels considerably softer. Primaloft fibres are manufactured in a way that results in particularly fine fibres to imitate the softness of real down feathers. The thermal material is breathable, so perspiration is also actively guided away from the skin. The synthetic fibre filling is water-resistant and therefore also retains its thermal properties when wet. These synthetic down feathers also dry particularly fast. Designed as a replacement for duck down feathers, Primaloft products are also as light as a feather and have an equally high compressibility factor. Jackets and sleeping bags insulated with Primaloft are particularly compressible and can be stored away in the smallest of spaces, if necessary. They ensure that outdoor fans stay dry, warm and comfortable even in the most extreme conditions.

Primaloft is an animal friendly alternative to natural down feathers. The eco-version is manufactured primarily from recycled materials, which makes this a particularly environmentally-compatible and sustainable insulating material. The bluesign® label also guarantees that the products have been manufactured in an environmentally friendly, zero emission way. These days, Primaloft is available in a range of different qualities; each of these meets different specific demands. Here an overview of this innovative insulation material so you can decide for yourself which characteristics are the ones you need.

Primaloft Silver Insulation Eco consists of 70% recycled polyester and offers excellent thermal efficiency and breathability, and is also outstandingly water- and windproof. This thermal fabric not only performs impressively but is also extremely comfortable to wear and suitable for sensitive skin. Around 28 plastic bottles are recycled to manufacture one kilogramme of this thermal fabric, which equals around six bottles per piece of clothing. The Silver Eco version is waterproof, light and keeps you cosy and warm.

Primaloft Gold Insulation Eco is a thermally bonded and perforated insulating material with excellent thermal properties despite its low weight. It is made from up to 90% recycled fibres and a maximum of 10% of new fibres. Besides its excellent thermal efficiency, the Gold Eco version is also extremely breathable, especially durable and also outstandingly water repellent.

Primaloft Black Insulation Hi-Loft consist of ultra-fine endless fibres used primarily for sleeping bag fillings. Thanks to the high loft, the excellent thermal performance and the outstanding compressibility, outdoor products insulated with this material are light and wonderfully warm. The patented fibre retains its excellent thermal performance even when damp.

Primaloft Silver Insulation Down Blend combines the best that nature and science have to offer. This combination of 40% ultra-fine synthetic fibres and 60% water repellent duck down feathers results in outstanding thermal efficiency. This insulation retains 94% of its thermal performance even when wet. Perfect for constantly changing weather conditions.

Thanks to the GRIP CONTROL Technology™, Primaloft Gold Insulation Eco with Grip Control retains its non-slip good grip properties at all times. For all outdoor sports where non-slip footwear and gloves are vital. The insulation will keep you warm and comfortable and is water repellent.Primaloft Gold insulation combines a thermal core with ultra-fine synthetic fibres. This mix makes the Gold version extremely soft, water repellent and light. Even thin layers of this ultimate insulation material will keep you warm even in extreme weather conditions.